Monday, April 28, 2008

Rock Climbing Fun!

Cam and Bailey had lots of fun on the rocks! Bailey was a little timid!

Bailey and Daddy walking into the canyon
Cam's first time 'real' rock climbing. He did awesome!

Thumbs up!

Daddy and Cam walking out of the canyon.
Bailey was a bit scared on daddy's shoulders skimming the side of the mountain!
I was a little scared too!

Fun Times at our new home

Cam and Bailey were hoping to go swimming and it was snowing outside!!
The weather has been so crazy here!

Snow coming down! and our new fence!
More snow!

Cam, Nessa(neighbor) and Bailey having fun in Daddy's truck

This is Gabby!
Clancy came home for lunch and found our Cally Kitty resting
peacefully in Bailey's toy pac and play!

Our neighbors helping clancy pound posts for the fence

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We love Jump On It!

We will be taking everyone that visits us to Jump On It. There is over 10, 000 sq. ft. of jumping plus jump houses!
Cam and Bailey both loved the jump houses
Cam was enjoying doing cart wheeles! I have got to get that kid into gymnastics!

Bailey was actually very brave!

Teresa making ashley and Cam go really high!

The slide was a bug hit!
Our little Monkey!

Fun with friends at the Zoo!

Cam and Kyson enjoying a ride in the wagon
Bailey loved the turkeys!
Shepherd, Reina, Cam, Silas and Ashley all strike a pose

Cam loved the Big talking elephant. Bailey would not go near it!

Cam standing in front of the aligator. He thought that was pretty cool. As you can see Teddy was close by him that day.

Mama and baby giraffe. We were surprised how big the "baby" was since it was only 3 weeks old

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bailey fell off the stool and knocked her front tooth out

Bailey's 3rd birthday in Utah

Bailey's 3rd birthday in Idaho

Cam's 4th birthday