Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Birthday!!

Cam and the gang! He got so many fun presets. Thank you everyone

The Nerf Blaster was a hit from Mom and Dad

He loved the red boots from Grammy and Papa Dan

Scooby Doo B-Day

We got him a beta fish. He named him Tid Bit

Fun times at Cabelas

Fish tanks at Cabelas. We even got to see them feed the fish!

Gun range!

Ethan was into this.

Best Buds! I think Cam was more excited to have Ethan visit than he was for his party

Happy Birthday Brazilian Style!

Cam Turns 5!!!

We all had such a great time for Cam's birthday. My parents and brother and his family came to celebrate with us. We started the weekend off at Tucanos! For those of you who have not experienced Tucanos, it is a Brazilian BBQ. There is a huge buffet and then they come around with all kinds of grilled meats and pineapple and serve until you say stop. We were all so stuffed.
We had them sing to Cam, and he was not too sure about it:) We love you Cam! Can't beleive my boy is alredy 5.

I Come To The Sea To Breath..

I had the awesome opportunity of attending my 10 yr reunion for Ecola Bible School. It was such a great time of reuniting great friendships and reflecting on what God has done in my life in those 10 yrs. And, I got to visit the most amazing place on earth... Cannon Beach!! It was truly a blessing to be able to live there for 2 yrs of my life. Unfortunately, my camera died beofre I got any shots with my friends.

Beautiful Haystack Rock at Sunset.
My dream house!

Gingerbread waffles with lemon sauce and Pear... Lazy Susan! the best