Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A day at the city spent with good friends

Angela and the boys picked us up and drove us to the 'big' city of Salt Lake. We enjoyed a yummy lunch and Chic Fil-A. Then we went to The Gateway Mall. The kids had so much fun playing in the fountains and getting wet. It was so nice up there. Really nice to see different people. Those of you from Utah know what I am talking about! When the kids decided they were ready to go we went to Ben and Jerry's and enjoyed some ice cream, So Yummy:) Thank you Angela for such a fun day!

Cam was digging the water
Just checking it all out
Bailey and Noah styed on the side lines for the most part!
Brother and SIS!

Noah was loving just sitt'n in the stroler:)
Baby Aaron! He is so cute

Striking a pose

Time for ice cream

Bailey scoping out a new friend!

4th of July weekend with Grammy BA and Papa Mick

The kids had fun making faces with Papa at the cars
Driving by the window.

Cam and Daddy before the 8 second ride!!
Just hangn' out waiting for Daddy to ride-- Again!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dinosaur time with the Bakers!

We had a great couple days with the Bakers! We had a great time visiting and a great time at the museum. Cam loved hanging out with Alex and Luke. They got along so well! If you are ever in the area the Muesuem is definately worth checking out.
The boys!

It was so hard to get a picture with all 4 of them looking at the camera.

playing in the sand and water! It was a hit.

Little archiologists!

Cam building a dinosaur.
The dinosaurs were so neat to look at.

Funfilled weekend

I loaded all these pictues backwards. I guess I forgot what I was doing since it has been so long. We had a very packed weekend. It all started Friday night with the Lehi Rodeo. It was awesome! We had so many friends join us to watch the rodeo. They finally got to see Clancy ride a bull for 8 seconds. They were all so excited. It was exciting for all of us as well since he placed 3rd!! Way to go Honey!
Then we loaded up Sat. and drove to Mountain Home. Whew... That is not a fun drive. But we were all excited when we arrived to see so many of our friends and family. Clancy rode 8 seconds there as well. I was so proud of him for covering 2 bulls in 1 weekend!
After the rodeo we headed to Grammy Mary's and Papa Dan's. We had a short night sleep and then headed to church to see many of our friends. We miss you Brian and Jodi and we missed seeing you Jade and Trish! We had a BBQ with the family and then Clancy and I headed home without the kids! Bailey needed some Grammy Mary time so she stayed for 5 days. Cam came home the next day with our good friend Kathy and her boys.

Gretchen and Bailey with the much loved Kitty!
Becca Boo I can't beleive how big you are getting!
Cam and Bailey hanging out behind the shoots waiting
for Daddy to get all his stuff.

Cousin time at the rodeo! They loved seeing each other
Wrestle time!

The big bull we saw in the shoots after the rodeo!
After the Lehi rodeo they let all the stock into the arena and thank them for a job well done. After all, without the animals we would not have rodeo! It is an amazing sight. Sorry the picture is so bad.
Cam and Bailey with Leisle. He is a rodeo clown inducted into the rodeo hall of fame last year!
After the rodeo. So sad, we go to so many rodeos the kids don't even wear western clothes!