Sunday, August 10, 2008

More fun at Lindon days

The kids had so much fun! We went to the parade, carnival and then a concert and fireworks that night. What I thought might be a 2 hour deal ended up being from 9:30 in the morning until 10:00 that night. There was so much for the kids to do and most of it was free!!

Rock climbing. He made it half way up!
A little tired out.
Free snowcones!
so tired at the end of the day
Tiredand sunburned!
mechanical bull! Cam loved this, Bailey was a little freaked

if you kick him he'll go faster!!

they had tons of blow ups!

Never got my hair done at a carnival.. but they had a booth here:)
she looked so cute!!
mohawk boy!

They actullay have real floats in the parades here!
Here it comes mama!
This was Baileys favorite
5 minute train ride for $1. I thought they took my kids and ran

Bailey was feeding Silas fun dip!
watch'in the parade

This is Cam's new face for the camera!

Our little cowboy...

We had so much fun at the Lindon Days celebration. Cam rode another sheep! Man, he is getting so brave with them. As Clancy was taking him into the arena to get on the sheep he kept trying to get his hand away from Clancy. Clancy thought he was going to chicken out, but instead Cam looked up and forcefully said... I don't need you Dad. I can do this by myself... Clancy was a little shocked I think!
Cowboy butts are the cutest:)
Mean ol' cowboy!

I think I might have to put this one in a frame.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lots of good times with family

We had so much fun with Than and Dani for a week! We had VBS down here so the kids got in on that action, plus any other activities I could think of to keep them busy. For some reason, I think the week was a little hectic and didn't really get a lot of pictures. And the way these pictures are on here is all messed up. Oh well, my audience should be used to that by now:)
Bailey and Dani's favorite thing... Dress up!

Gettign the make up on!


Than and his small but, good class!
More dress up!

Than at Bridal Veil Falls
All the kids pulling Clancy down the hill on the long board
More VBS

We spent the weekend in Idaho... Got to get in on Gretchen's
3rd birthday party!
Becca Boo before the haircut!
Bridal Veil Falls.. Cheapest swimming in town

Than at the base of the falls

More birthday

Gretchen plugged her ears while we sang her happy b-day

AWE!! Aren't they cute!