Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easter outfits!

I am not sure where Cam is whenever the camera is out. I never seem to get any good shots of him. We decided since we haven't bought Easter outfits the for a while we would all get one this year. I even talked Clancy into not wearing "western"! He looked awesome! And you can see my belly at 14 weeks. I went to see my midwife yesterday and she told me I am measuring 20 weeks, but I am only 17 weeks. Oh goodness!!
Bailey and clancy matched much better than Clancy and I!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She kinda liked to hide on this one. I didn't record her other dance on this camera, so can't post is here. She sure likes to move those hips!!:)

Cutest Little Dancer

Bailey had her very first dance recital. She was a little nervouse, but she did awesome. We were so proud of her. There are lots of pictures, but she is about the cutest dancer I have ever seen!! Good job sis!
Dancing all the Day...

Her hair was cute like this, but didn't quite hold. She ended up with just one bun for the performance.


Woah! Crazy pose. I think she is doing an arabisk?

I'm a hula hula baby!


I asked our Japanese friends to take us to an authentic Japanese Restaurant. We got what we asked for and it was so much fun. Although at times it was a little much for my newlly pregnant tummy!! As you can see we had a very interesting array of food!

Cam loves Babies!
My Bailey and her long hair

So authentic:)

Cam eating a shrimp, shell, guts and all!!



Sushi roll! That's my boy:)