Friday, June 5, 2009

IT'S A...???

We are all super excited. Cam doesn't think he is excited about having another sister but her really is! We can't wait to meet her. It was so fun to get a little gllimpse at her today. Esp. since the ultrasound guy used the 3-d one just for fun. Wow! We are saw her chewing/swallowing and moving all around. Says she looks really healthy. Thank you Lord.


Brian & Jodi Brown said...

We are so happy for you guys! We are praying everything goes well.
Love you guys!

Nicole said...

So exciting! Hope you are feeling good - does that mean you are about half way through? Some people get all the girls... Maybe someday I will too!

jade, trish, halle and will said...

YAY YAY!! We are so excited for you guys!! Any names picked out?? I have lots of girl clothes if you think you need some, let me know! We love you guys!!

Angela said...

Well, my track record isn't so great this time around. I had my money on boy for you and girl for Sarah. Ahh well, that's what keeps it interesting..hehe. Can't wait to see the wee one and smother her with love. :)