Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun times at the park!!!!

I met a lady and her two kids that just moved here from Japan. They are so sweet and I am so glad God put her in my path. I invited my friend Angela and her two boys(Noah and Aaron) to meet us at the park. We had a great time. Syaka even brought us home made sushi! It was yummy.

Syaka and her 2 girls

I think her name is A Lou.

My sister got this shirt for cam. I think it has jinked me. While we were at the park, I looked up and Cam was hanging from a slide about 20 feet up. If you can't read the shirt, it says 'I do all my own stunts'.

Noah and cam

Bailey and Noah! Aren't they cute??

I can't even begin to say her name- let alone spell it:)
Baby Aaron


theatienza6 said...

Oh, I miss you guys and being able to go play with all the kids. The pictures are great! The littlest girl does look alot like Becca.
Love and miss you guys tons.

Angela said...

I need to get my pictures on here from the park. Mine didn't turn out as well as yours did though! That one with Bailey and Noah is adorable. (And here I though Rena was going to be my daughter-in-law...hahahaha) ;)