Monday, June 9, 2008


Ok, I am still learning the blogger thing and how these pictures load. The pictures are not exactly in the order I wished, but we had a great weekend!!! Clancy competed in 3 rodeos, Moab, Price and Tooele. We loaded up and left home Thursday about 4:15. We drove about 3.5 hours to Moab! I enjoyed the beautiful drive while Clancy and the kids slept peacfully. We arrived at the rodeo just in time to hear the National Anthem. The rodeo was fun, but 3 seconds didn't quite get us a pay check. We loaded up again about 11:30pm and headed out to find a campsite. So, after driving for a while we finally found a spot. Yes, there were other campers around. Thankfully we were not the only ones pitching a tent at 12:30am! We decided it would not rain and left the rain fly off the tent. It was so awesome going to sleep looking up at the beautiful sky that seemed to have more stars than I can ever remember seeing.
We awoke the next morning and were amazed at how beautiful our campsite was being we found it in the dark! We got some breakfast and headed to Arches National Park. It was amazing! The landscape was so different. Made me want to go to Lake Powell:) After seeing all the sights and getting very sunburned we headed to Price.
That was a great rodeo. Cam has decided he likes to ride sheep. We got him all signed up and he and daddy scoped out the sheep he would ride. It went in the shoot and Cam said that's my sheep daddy. Ok son, here we go. He hopped on with a little squeel and Clancy said grab his neck! Ok dad! The gate flew open and out he came. This time daddy didn't hold him and run with him. He hit the dirt pretty hard, but he didn't even shed a tear. Now he thinks every time daddy gets to ride a bull he thinks he needs to ride a sheep! Daddy was so proud. Do we have another bull rider in the making?? I hope not!
That got the night off to a great start and Clancy ended it with an AWESOME ride. 83 points on a bull named lizard!! He ended up in 2nd place.
We loaded up and headed home. We arrived home about 12:00am for a few hours of sleep before Clancy had to go to work. He got home and we jumped in the car again to head to Tooele.
No paycheck, but we got to see some of our friends ride and help them out with what we hope is not a broken ankle.
The highlight of the trip for me was when Clancy leaned over and asked me if I was having fun. I said yes, are you? He said I am doing what I love: Getting to be with my family and rodeo.
We are having a great time. I feel so blessed God has provided for us to do this as a family. We love Utah and we love the life God has given us!!

The kids were more interested in the playground than the rodeo!
Heading home!

Clancy's bull- Lizard

They look so much bigger behind the shoots:)

Hang'n out in the trunk

This picture is aweful, but it was the only one we got with all 4 of us.
Balance Rock

He thinks he is so tuff:)
The arches were amazing!

The wild flowers were in bloom!

Like Father;Like Son

My little princess was very brave climbing on the rocks

The cactus was so cool!

Our little climber

I loved this heart!
Clancy and the kids inside the arch

Our campsite
You can't see it very good, but this is a mama turkey with about 15 babies


theatienza6 said...

Gretchen loves the rodeo pics. She wants to know everything about the bulls and wants to ride just like "antie" clance. She doesn't understand the difference between auntie and uncle.

Angela said...

Great pictures!! Wish we could have made it to the rodeo last Saturday. Maybe we can come this Friday, depending on when Ryan gets off from work. By the time he has a moment to breathe and spend time with us, I'll be starting summer school. Yuck! Sounds like you had a great time together! We are glad you are enjoying Utah cause we enjoy having you here! :)

jade, trish and halle said...

Amazing pictures! We are so glad that you guys are doing so well in Utah and happy! We love and miss you guys so much tho! Hope to see you soon. We love the blog- keep up the good work! :)